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Product Code: AM-493

OUTER ENVELOPE: Rectangle; 5.5 x 7.5 inches app.(HxW); Golden metallic stock paper; Red printing.
CARD: Portrait; Three fold; Golden metallic stock paper; Red printing; Center opening panel has Red and golden paper.
INSERTS: Two inserts; One pasted in center of card; One lose insert placed in the pocket; Red and pearl paper; Printing to match the invitation.
STONES: No; Can be added for an additional cost.
CUSTOMIZABLE: Yes; the paper, color, symbols and design of this card is customizable based on availability.

           1 x Outer envelope
           1 x Card
           2 x Inserts (One pasted; One lose)
Complimentary personalized printing on outer envelope (excludes guest address); card front, and two inserts for orders 100 and above.

Complimentary plain round envelope seals and clear plastic envelopes for each invitation for orders 100 and above.

• Additional inserts and Add-on products can be made to match the invitations with similar paper and design for an additional cost.
• Price INCLUDES Shipping and Printing for 100 and above quantity. For 
orders less than 100 Please send an Inquiry.

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