Preferred Vendors


Our Recommended Event Vendors

By request from our clients, we are putting together (still in progress) a small section of the Event Vendors (USA) we have come across and at times worked with over a decade of us being in business. We highly recommeneded all these vendors, for their service, attention to detail, courtesy, and their amazing work!..However, the decision will be solely yours to make. Raniti LLc does not take any responsibility for any of our referral vendors and your experience with them. 
Majority of these vendors travel to destinations or event, please feel free to contact them at their details below and confirm. 


1) Chicago IL:  DYBALA Studio
     Phone: +1 630.550.7460

2) Orlando IL:  CASTALDO Studio  (Cecily & Domenico)
     Phone: +1 407.347.0295

3Houston TX: JASLEEN Kaur 
      Phone: +1 713.858.8299


Chicago IL: Poonam - Poonam Creations
      Phone: +1 847.767.1741



1)  Chicago IL: EVENTS by NISAR (Nisar) 
       Phone: +1 847.529.2482

2)  Chicago IL: LOLA Event Productions (Lori Stephenson)
       Phone: +1 773.519.5674

3)  Atlanta GA: RIBHA Events (Rita)
       Phone: +1 404.242.9068

4)  Atlanta GA: UTOPIAN Events (Sushil Patel)
       Phone: +1 678.570.4443

5)  Orlando FL: THEDTALES (April Dorsey)
       Phone: +1 407.687.6552

6)  Phoenix AZ: DB Events (Shy Khan)

      Phone: +1 602.770.4066



1)  Chicago IL:  DJ Raagaa (Himanshu) 
      Phone: +1 630.697.7142

2)  Chicago IL:  SOPRIME ENTERTAINMENT (DJ Chris Socha)
       Phone: +1 708-655-8488



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