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Two hearts, two lives One Dream…Forever..

'This day we are united in friendship, faith and love…'

'A life of sharing and caring..

A love of endless giving together'

'For us it will be a day to treasure

Your presence will make it memorable..'

As their marriage brings new meaning to love
So their love brings new meaning to life’

'Two Hearts are getting closer together

to share every moment of their life'

'Love stands still .....When all else has Fallen’

 "It is a special time of life,
when stars from heaven come together,
to tie a knot of love and happiness between 'Bride' and 'Groom' who are made for each other...forever.
We could be honored and happy if you could join us
as the joy of this union before God is here."

'Two lives, two hearts, joined together is friendship and united forever in love'

'Two heart that beat as one

Will bring their lives together as one'

'It was Destiny that brought us together
It is Love that will keep us together'

'To have and to hold, from this day forward,

To love and to cherish, so as none sets us apart'

'Marriage is more than a beautiful celebration
It is a bright new beginning of two Souls becoming one'

'Let us follow the traditions of one thousand years old,

which is still going on strong like a pure gold'

Two of a kind, one as a whole
Each completing the other, as no one will ever know'

'O Lord Ganesh, you are the Supreme, kindly bless us

to perform this occasion without any hindrance'

'Marriages are settled in Heaven but celebrated on earth
Sacred unity of two unknown souls are written right from birth'

'Destiny is not something to be pursued;
It is something which walks with us,
Always, hand in hand'

'An occasion isn't something you experience, it is something you remember
Join us for one such memorable occasion in our lives'

'A tremendous day in our lives is drawing near

We could be honored and happy if you could join us

As the joy of this union before God is here'

'Don’t walk ahead of me, I may not follow

Don’t walk behind me, I cannot lead
Just walk beside me, and I will be Me..'

'In that book which is My memory

On the first page that is the chapter when I first met you

Appear the words……Here begins a new life'


Trust is the start of it,

Joy is a part of it,
Love is the heart of it

This day I will marry my friend,

The one I laugh with,

Live for dream with,


Today we are marching towards the Altar
to say ‘Yes’ to each other

Not only to ‘Share Love’ of one another
But to ‘Share Life’ forever

'From this day onwards
You will not walk alone
My heart will be your shelter
And my arms will be your home'

'Come - n - Share the lustrous light

Come - n - Join jubiliant night

Come - n - Bless the couple bright.

Weddings bells, to ring and chime

Much awaited - joyous time'

'And on her lover’s arm she leant,

And around her waist she felt it fold,

And far across the hills they went

In that new world which is the old'

It is a special time of life,
when stars from heaven come together,
to tie a knot of love and happiness between two souls who are made for each other...forever.

In true marriage lies neither equal nor unequal

Each fulfill defects in each

And always thought in thought, purpose in purpose,
will in will, they grow into

The single, perfect and pure animal,

The two -celled heart beating, with one full strike, LIFE

Marriage is a spiritual blend of two hearts,

Two souls that unite as one,

To share each other’s dreams,
To cherish each other’s kindness,

To stand together through thick and thin

And to love each other from within,

For it is this Love, that binds them ….

….throughout their lives

This day for us is special, a time beyond compare
The joy we feel deep in our hearts
We hope you will come and share
Your presence with us
would mean more than words can say
Please try to be there, to celebrate this special day

"Within you I lose myself,
Without you I find myself
Wanting to be lost again"

 The word of marriage in Ancient Sanskrit language is

Grahastha Ashram

'Marriage is an Ashram – A place of discipline and responsibility

In Marriage a man and woman offer the whole of their self, mind, body and feelings to each other

They do not live for self alone, they live for each other'
Marriage is the beautiful blending of two lives, two loves, two hearts

It is the wonderful, mystical moment

when a beautiful love story begins …. For a lifetime

Love fills the moments, and with these moments begins eternity,

Love fills a lifetime, and a lifetime begins this hour.”

Now we join our hands and with our hands come together our hearts

Marriage is a spiritual blending of two souls, two hearts.
It is a wonderful, mystical moment when a beautiful story begins...
On the moving wheel of life, the auspicious occasion has come when our loving daughter (Bride name)
Has decided to begin the golden chapter of her life by getting bound
into the pious knot of Seven Circles with (Groom name)

“When the one man loves the one woman
and the one woman loves the one man,
the very angels desert heaven
and come and sit in that house and sing for joy.”

 ~The Brahma Sutras


'Some years ago back over in time,
God sweetly gave us (daughter's name)...a precious gift indeed.
Blessed us many years through, yet years seem to pass so rapidly.
For it seems only yesterday, that her tiny frame was in our arms.
Yet see how she's grown today, and in her journey onwards in life, we wish only the best for her.
Her life be filled with joy & peace, her countless dreams come true.
She still and will always remain our special tiny sweet baby girl, the Little one God gave us.
Our warmest wishes to guide her footsteps, as she steps into her new life,
With love & warmth, each sunrise to Sunset, all the way, Amen
Papa & Mama

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